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Includes safety and proficiency qualification.


30 Mandatory hours of training, attendees must provide LTC certification and license to qualify for participation. Final Test requirements is 22 out of 25 questions correct, or 90% passing score for written exam.


Participants will be required to pass a pre-entry written exam, and proficiency exam with scores of 90% each to take this course.


Student will be graded throughout the course and any failing grades will disqualify the participant from completion of the course.


Course Description:

· Overview of the program and licensing application process assistance

· Texas state laws and lawful carry

· Use of Force and Deadly Force

· Non- Violent Conflict Resolution

· Holsters and Safe firearm storage

· Criteria for choosing a firearm and ammunition

· Handgun use and basic marksmanship


Who Is this course for?


A first responder as defined by section code and emergency medical services personnel as defined by section 773.003 health and safety code, a public safety employee whose duties include responding rapidly to emergencies.


This course does not apply to VOLUNTEER emergency services personnel, nor does it apply to VOLUNTEER emergency medical services personnel, peace officers or reserve LFO as section 1701. 001 occupations code who perform LFO duties. 


Our target audience are emergency care attendants EMT's advanced EMT's and EMT paramedics and licensed paramedic.


Permanent, full time law enforcement officers designated as fire and arson investigators by an appropriate local authority aircraft resource and fine protection personnel.


Permanent, full time fire department employees who are not secretaries, stenographers, clerk’s, budget analysts, or similar support staff persons or other administrative employees who are assigned in one or more of the following:

-Fire suppression

-Fire inspection

-Fire and arson investigation

-Marine firefighting

-Aircraft rescue and firefighting

-Fire training

-Fire evacuation

-Fire administration and

Any other position necessarily or customarily related to Fire Protection or suppression.


Graduates will be graded on their proficiency and performing throughout the course and will need to pass the final exam with 90% to receive their certificate of completion.


All students must have approved firearm, ammunition, and equipment to successfully complete this course.


Equipment Required (None of this will be provided):

-Min 3 magazines

-Min 500 rounds of ammo

-6" Flashlight (500 lumins or greater with extra batteries)

-Paddel Retention Holster (holsters cannot be index finger released)

-Electronic ear protection

-Saftey eyewear

-Hand towel

-Collared shirt



* Range safety rules must be adhered to

First Responder Certification

  • This is an in-person course that is only taught by DPS-Certified Instructors.

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