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Jeriko Security Group is trusted to provide security services for corporate/ office buildings, industrial and construction sites, warehousing and manufacturing facilities. 

Uniformed commissioned and non- commissioned officers are assigned according to our client’s requests. 

Preventative Measures

  • Logging venders' arrivals and departures 

  • Frequent security checks of the premises to note any signs of vandalism, structural damage or loitering. 

  • Monitoring fire extinguishing & alarm, and elevator systems for any malfunctions or damages. 

  • On-going training for AED and First Aid 


These officers are strategically located to monitor entry and exit points with key card access. Each officer has the duties of concierge, firewatch, emergency/medical first responders and employee escorts and give a professional first impression of the clients we serve.

Executive Protection Officers: 

Jeriko has an elite unit designed for protecting individuals of high net worth, corporate executives, clergy, dignitaries, and women and children of domestic violence. Extensive training, knowledge and experience are the key fundamentals that we possess to ensure our client’s safety in their day to day lives. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Have Questions?

Need more information? Get in touch. Jeriko Security Group is here to create a unique solution for your Defense and Training needs.

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